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  1. Official NBA Leather Game Ball  - Size 7

    RRP: $249.99

    ON SALE: $199.99

    Official NBA Game Ball Learn More
  2. WNBL Official Game Ball - 2018/2019
  3. Limited Edition - 2019 Replica NBA All Star Ball - Charlotte
  4. 2019 NBA All Star Official Game Ball - Charlotte
  5. NBA Logoman - Size 7
  6. 2019 NBA Champion Ball
  7. TF-1000 Legacy - Size 7
  8. TF-1000 Legacy - Size 6
  9. TF-1000 Legacy - Official NBL1 Game Ball - Size 7
  10. TF-1000 Legacy - Basketball NSW - Size 6
  11. TF-1000 Legacy - Basketball Australia - Size 6
  12. TF-1000 Legacy - Official NBL1 Game Ball - Size 6
  13. TF-1000 Legacy - Basketball NSW - Size 7
  14. TF-750 - Size 7
  15. TF-ELITE - Basketball NSW - Size 6
  16. TF-ELITE - Basketball Australia - Size 7
  17. TF-750 - Size 6
  18. TF-ELITE - Basketball NSW - Size 7
  19. TF-ELITE - Basketball Australia - Size 6
  20. NBA Game Ball Series Composite - Size 7
    NBA Game Ball Series Composite Learn More
  21. NBA Hexagrip Composite Neverflat - Size 7
    NBA Hexagrip Composite Neverflat Learn More
  22. TF-250 - Size 7
  23. TF-GRIND - Basketball NSW - Size 5
  24. TF-GRIND - Basketball Australia - Size 5
  25. NBA Pearl - Size 6

Displaying 25 of 110


Grid List


A Ball for All Types of Basketball Court

We are there with you when the court calls out your name, puts your name in lights or owns you.


Through the blood, sweat, and tears, we’ve got your back. On the days that you can’t seem to make a bucket to the times you can’t miss a shot. ‘Work hard, play hard’ is what this game is all about. The harder you train, the bigger your improvement will be, and the more rewards you’ll reap.


We are the Official game ball of the NBA, but that’s not what we’re all about. Our focus revolves around respect being something that’s for those who deserve it, and not demand it. That’s why we let our products speak for themselves – we’ve been crafting basketball balls for well over a century and have confidence in all of our product.


Our huge ball selection covers many different sizes and designs


We know the love of this game transcends generations and locations. Some of the greats started out with nothing more than a small super-soft option when they first took the court. We have balls specially made for indoor, outdoor and all surfaces, allowing you to train whatever the conditions or court.


Spalding Will Help You Stay True To The Game With Our Range Of Basketballs – Now Available On Afterpay


We’ve got your game covered with our range of balls and our strong offering in rings and backboards. This includes mini kids’ sizes as well as portable options, and even a backboard and rim combination that’s easily fitted to poles, the garage or roof settings with a mounting bracket.


Find out more about which setup would suit you best here.


Spalding - 5 Lakeview Dr Scoresby, VIC 3179 Australia.