Spalding launches new look TF-range

Spalding are pleased to officially launch our new TF range of performance basketballs, that are engineered for every baller, from grassroots right up to the elite level.

Featuring both rubber and composite leather options, the new range allows players to play their best, anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s to shoot hoops in the driveway or in a game, the TF range caters for all playing levels and is the perfect addition to every baller’s basketball bag.

The pinnacle ball of the range is the Legacy TF-1000, designed for the highest level of play and is the elite game ball of choice across both Australia and New Zealand. Made from composite leather, it is game ready straight out of the box and is ideal for the indoor hardwood.

Engineered for the demands of the indoor and outdoor courts, the Excel TF-500 is the perfect all-rounder ball for ballers to master their skills on the court. Similarly, the React TF-250 features a durable composite cover, which is perfect for the transitions between concrete and the hardwood.

Heading to the outdoors, the Varsity TF-150 and the Layup TF-50 are the ideal ball for outdoor hoops. The durable rubber cover can withstand the harshest of concrete courts, so you can play all day.

The new TF-Range is available online now at and and is available in selected sports stores in Australia and New Zealand.