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Custom Basketball Gear in Australia

Looking for the perfect gift for a budding basketball fan? Want to make a bulk order of personalised bags for your team? Spalding has the perfect solution, offering a range of customisable basketball gear for kids and adults.


Whether you’re looking for a personalised basketball for your child’s birthday, a folder to track game day data, or to be like the stars on the road with a Spalding overnight bag, you can find our extensive range of items available on our online store now.


Basketball Gear for Kids and Adults

Put your name in the game.


Our customisable balls are ideal for both kids and adults, with size 6 and 7 balls available in a range of colours, including blue, black, yellow and classic red colours. We can print any name under 15 uppercase characters, with two panels available for customisation should you wish. All custom names are printed in UV ink to ensure the artwork remains there for life, making sure that your customised ball doesn’t fade over its time out on the court. Whether you’re looking for an elite leather composite ball for indoor play, or a ball you can dunk outside, Spalding’s premium basketball gear will have you ready to play the game right.


Not looking for a customised basketball? We can also make personalised folders, travel bags, overnight bags and even bags for your basketball. Created from composite leather material to make them feel like a real basketball, these products feature an orange colour with black text to make sure you never lose your personalised basketball gear on or off the court.


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As one of the most renowned names in the sporting industry, when you buy basketball gear from Spalding, you’ll be joining the masses of elite sportsmen and women who use our premium basketballs and accessories for training, practice and play every single day.


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