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Backboard & Rim

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  1. 52 Inch NBA Acrylic Combo

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  4. 44 Inch NBA Polycarbonate Combo

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  5. 3x4 Inch Pro Image™ Rim
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Take your Free-Throws to the Next Level with a Spalding Basketball Ring

There are so many different parts of this game that captivate us. Ask any truly passionate player or fan what they love most about basketball, and you’ll get an endless list of answers. Huge dunks, alleys, brutal rejections, fadeaway jumpshots, and everything else make this game special, unique, unlike any other sport in the world. The point is, the love is spread across many areas. One of the most exciting things to see, though, is a buzzer-beating game-winner.

Shoot hoops with an NBA basketball ring – you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

We all know the sound. Swish. Nothing but net. The ring stays out of the equation because the jumper was so perfectly arched. The backboard is left feeling unused and needy. But the emotions of the backboard are the last thing going through your mind because all your practice on the basketball hoop at home is paying off. You’re sinking threes left and right, and even hit one hugging the baseline…


This isn’t as fictional of a scenario as you might think, either. Repetition and practice will improve anyone’s skill level whether relating to basketball or any other skill-based activity. As the saying goes, you only get out what you put in. And you know what? Spalding loves to be right there with you, working hard and sweating on your path to greatness.


Basketball hoop and backboard combinations for all ages

When looking for the perfect setup, either for you or your little future Basketballer, we have the perfect solution. Our range includes a whole lot of options; from standalone Spalding basketball rings to hoop and backboard combinations along with various portable sizes for kids and adults alike. Of course, we supply an extensive collection of basketballs of different sizes for use on various surfaces too.


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That’s right – if you sign up for our newsletter we’ll give you 10% off your first order with us! On top of that, buy an NBA basketball ring or any other system and receive a ball free of charge!


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