Taking Care of Your Basketball

To get the most out of your basketball and to ensure that you can shoot hoops both indoors and out for years to come, its important to take proper care of it. You might wonder where to store your basketball, how to inflate and deflate it, and the extra measures you can take to ensure the longevity and durability of your ball. 

Here, we have compiled some tips for you to follow to keep your basketball looking and feeling great.


How and Where to Store Your Basketball

If you regularly play with your basketball, then you need to store it indoors at room temperature. It’s very important that you don’t leave the ball outdoors for extended periods of time or leave it in direct sunlight or near a heater.

The rise and fall in temperature, wet weather and the blistering sun can play havoc not only with the colour of your basketball, but leaving your basketball out in the elements can ruin the quality of the ball, warp its shape and make it lose its grip. This can be damaging to your game and you may need to replace the ball sooner than you expected.


How to Clean Your Basketball

To keep the colour of your basketball bright, you should not only store the ball out of direct sunlight but follow general cleaning practices. Wipe off dirt and debris with a damp cloth after use, and if needed use a mild soap and warm water to scrub off stubborn dirt. It’s important not to soak the ball, and don’t use a heater to dry the ball, use a cloth or let it dry naturally.


How Much to Inflate Your Basketball

When left unused for a period of time and even through regular use, basketballs can lose air. To bounce properly, basketballs need the right amount of air pressure dependent on its size, series and material. If you are unsure on what the ideal air pressure is for your basketball, it should be printed on the ball near the hole.

Some tips to follow when inflating your basketball are:

  • Use a ball pump, and apply some Vaseline or special lubricant to the needle
  • Be sure to hold the valve firmly while inserting the needle
  • Inflate the basketball slowly to prevent rupturing the bladder
  • Only inflate to the specifications as per printed on the ball
  • To deflate: insert the pin into the hole of the basketball to allow air to come out – leave some air behind so the cover is not damaged


Get the Best Basketball for You

The quality of your basketball is just as important as your skills in the game. Find the best ball for you and make the most out of every moment on the court.