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A Portable Basketball Ring System for All Ballers

Sometimes freedom is a necessity. The great thing about having a portable basketball system is that you can push your limits further and further. For example, if you’re making the majority of shots in one position, move the ring around and step the challenge up by giving yourself a tough angle. Alternatively, if you’ve mastered the freethrow, take it a few metres back and practice your threes.


Another great reason for a portable basketball ring is getting into some gritty street ball sessions. You can play a pick-up game, and when ‘game off’ is inevitably called due to a car’s arrival/departure, you can quickly shift it out of the way. Also, just to be clear, we DO NOT recommend playing on the road, but rather in a driveway where it’s safe.


Pick up a system that’s built to go the distance

Choose from one of our durable 60” sizes – we have either a glass backboard (the Beast) or acrylic option. We also have several more sizes and specs available, so be sure to browse through them all! Our product offering includes so much more than the portable rings you see here, too. If you can’t see yourself going anywhere in a hurry, we can provide you with something to install in-ground. Alternatively, we have a combo backboard and ring to attach to your roof. If you’re a bit confused what to go for, we’ve even got a page dedicated to helping you make the right backboard choice!


Don’t forget about our huge range of basketballs available, either. There’s something for every baller, regardless of age or tastes.


Shipping costs that won’t break the bank

Spalding offers an affordable flat rate of shipping, depending on your location. We’ll also supply you with a free basketball with every backboard system we sell, and if you sign up to our newsletter we’ll take 10% off your first order!

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