About Spalding

Spalding is a leading global sports brand with a history of firsts including the first major league baseball (1876), American football (1887) and basketball (1894). In Australia, Spalding provides a comprehensive sports offering, as experts in balls and hardware as well as sports apparel.

Spalding is the official ball of the NBL and Basketball Australia. Spalding also provides athletes in a variety of other sports including netball and soccer with the highest quality balls and equipment. Spalding also provides high quality, superior and innovative sports performance clothing.

At Spalding it’s not about the glitz and hype, it’s about respecting the game and providing products that make superior performance possible.


Since 1876, we have been true to the game. We ignite the inner confidence that lives in athletes of all levels, across the globe, and enable them to play their best game. We protect the integrity of sport because of our passion for the will behind the work. Our heritage of quality products is what makes us stand out and you excel.



Albert Goodwill Spalding

Albert Goodwill Spalding began his professional baseball career pitching for the Boston Red Stockings. He dominated the sport, leading the league in wins every year during his career. He pitched every game with a baseball he developed himself.


The first Baseball

The first A.G. Spalding & Brothers sporting goods store opened in Chicago. That same year, Spalding developed the first Major League Baseball to become the official baseball of the National League (1876-1976) and American League (1889-1973).


The First Baseball Glove

Spalding created the world’s first baseball glove, marking the transition from bare hands to protective wear. A.G. Spalding’s reputation in the baseball industry made the once unthinkable “sissy” glove become OK to wear.


A.G Spalding Retires

A.G Spalding retired as a player, yet continued his dominance in the sport off- eld, becoming the president of the Chicago White Stockings. Like a true pioneer, he started a world baseball tour traveling with the best baseball players around the world to simultaneously promote baseball and his sporting goods company on a global scale.


The First Football

Spalding’s innovations continued as the first American football is created.


The First Basketball

Dr. James Naismith, the creator of basketball, asked A.G. Spalding to develop the world’s first basketball. The official rules of the game later read, “The ball made by A.G. Spalding & Bros. shall be the official ball. And so our legacy in basketball began.


The First Volleyball

Spalding developed and manufactured the first American volleyball.


A Home Run

Following success in Baseballs, Spalding became the largest manufacturer of Baseball bats in the U.S, producing over 1 million bats a year.


Golf Innovations

Spalding developed the first liquid centre golf ball, the Kros- Flite. This new construction was a major technological advancement in golf balls.


A Hole in One

Spalding continued to innovate in golf and developed the first 2-piece performance golf ball; the Spalding Executive. It became the most consistent and durable golf ball ever made.


Official NBA Game Ball

Spalding Basketball is selected in 1983 as the Official ball of the National Basketball Association (NBA), a partnership that endured for 39 years until 2022.


Basketball Advancements

In 1992, the first composite leather basketball is created, paving the way for an offering of new ranges, products and performance in the sport.


Official WNBA Game Ball

Spalding became Official Basketball of the WNBA across the US.


Self-Inflating Basketball

After 20 months of testing, Spalding introduces first basketball featuring a built-in Micro Pump.


Neverflat is Unveiled

The Spalding NEVERFLAT® basketball is developed with Pressure Retention Technologies guaranteed to stay fully inflated for at least one year.


Rookie Launched

In 2008, Spalding launched the first gear specialized just for Youth, introducing Rookie Gear. This range was offered across Basketball, Grid Iron and Soccer.


Australia's Game Ball

2010 was a landmark year for Spalding in Australia, becoming Basketball Australia’s Official Game Ball. This was supported by Official NBL Game Ball status. The partnerships integrated many state associations also; Official Game Ball of Basketball South Australia, Basketball Queensland, Basketball Western Australia, Basketball Northern Territory and Basketball ACT.



Spalding’s global presence continues to expand becoming Official basketball & backboard of the Euroleague across Europe.


Basketball NSW

Enhancing Spalding’s presence in Australia, the brand became Official Game Ball and backboard for Basketball NSW, with the Waratah League becoming a feature of the new range and pinnacle product.


Victoria's Gameball

2019 sees Spalding become Basketball Victoria’s Official Game Ball including all Basketball Victoria programs, competitions and events, as well as having specially designed Official Game Balls for all Basketball Victoria representative leagues including the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL) and Big V.