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The Official Ball of the NBA for More Than 30 Years

There’s a reason the NBA and other professional basketball leagues around the world have always chosen the same brand for their official game balls. Spalding was there over a century ago at the game’s birth, with our company’s founder being contracted to design and build the very first basketball. In the years since, Spalding has grown alongside the sport, developing new materials and designs to refine the play of the game, nurturing generations of on- and off-court legends, and finding our way into the homes and hands of loyal fans across the globe.

Find your own part of sporting history and browse our range of equipment and accessories today.

Get out there and take charge of your future

Basketball demands patience, physicality and dedication. To reach your best, however, you need to play with the best. Spalding delivers the balls that help you push yourself to the limits, taking you to places you never believed possible. We have a commitment providing the NBA game ball to bring out the best in these athletes, and we share our findings with you. If you want to play like the pros, there really is no alternative.

“Everything is possible to him who dares,” – A.G. Spalding

Supplying everything you need to make it happen

Our products and accessories cater for players of all ages and needs, from mini backboards for kids to fixed backboard and rim combinations, and even portable setups. All it takes is starting with that first dribble, jump shot, rejection. The point is, everybody begins with the same skills, and the only person that can dictate how far you take them is you.

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