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The Official Ball of the NBA for More Than 30 Years

Remember the days when Shaq broke backboards with epic dunks, and Jordan, Pippen and Jackson led the Bulls to six championships over eight years? While the faces on the court have changed, as well as some of the rules, there’s one thing that’s remained constant the whole time; the brand of basketball used.

Spalding was the brains behind the first ever basketball being crafted, way back in 1894. Since then, the sport as a whole has come leaps and bounds, and with the NBA’s establishment in 1946, we were from then on exposed to skill levels unlike any other. From Jordan’s legendary leap from the free-throw line, to Kobe’s 81-point game in ’06 and every other pivotal moment in its history, our eyes have been following a Spalding on the NBA court for decades.

Get out there and take charge of your future

Getting out there and practicing takes patience and dedication, and when all is said and done, Spalding remains to cheer you on from the sidelines. We’re the ball that is there with you when you’re pushing yourself to the limits, and taking yourself to places you never believed you could be. Yes, we’re the official NBA game ball, but we’re also the official ball of you, the basketballer. The passionate ball player who takes control of their own destiny.

“Everything is possible to him who dares,” – A.G. Spalding

Supplying everything you need to make it happen

Our products and accessories cater for players of all ages and needs, from mini backboards for kids to fixed backboard and rim combinations, and even portable setups. Even baby LeBron started with a first dribble, a first jump shot, a first rejection. The point is, everybody starts with the same skills, and the only person that can dictate how far you take them is you. So get out there and make history.

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