Product Recall

Various Spalding Basketball Rims


Spalding Punching Bag

Our company was alerted to claims that refuse has been used as filler in a punching bag branded with our company logo, supported by photographic evidence.

This product is licensed to Spartan Sporting Goods and manufactured, sold and distributed by Spartan in Australia.

Given the extremely serious nature of the claims, we have commenced an immediate investigation into this matter.

Consumer safety is paramount to our company. We are appalled at the images, and we are also alarmed that this could have occurred given our rigorous auditing processes and our requirement that all of our licensees adhere to stringent corporate responsibility guidelines and protocols.

While we are yet to sight the product and determine if the punching bag is a genuine licensed product, we are preparing with our licensee, Spartan, to conduct a recall of all punching bags branded with our logo immediately from all retail outlets where they were sold, along with a full consumer recall. We have also instructed our social compliance team and the independent auditor to investigate the allegations as a matter of priority.

Additionally, we have established a consumer hotline 1300 654 766 that consumers can call for further information.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Mary Morton
iD Collective
Phone (03) 8554 4888
Mobile (0418) 369 636
Email [email protected]

Click here to download a copy of our product recall form

Further Product Information

1. Is the product dangerous?
There has only been one product found to have refuse contained within it. The refuse was well contained within the bag and was only found two years after purchase, once the bag was split open to restitch it. We have decided to recall all of our Spartan manufactured and distributed boxing punching bags because one faulty product is one too many. Our brand is all about quality and consumer safety is paramount.

2. How did this happen?
We are currently investigating Spartan who is the company responsible for the manufacture and sale of these products in Australia. Spartan licenses the Spalding brand in Australia for the sale of punching bags. When this breach in quality standards came to our attention, we immediately instructed Spartan to recall all the punching bags from the Australian market.

3. How will I be able to tell if my product is affected?
We have only ever had one complaint with regard to this product and we have never encountered this type of complaint before. However, we have issued a national recall as we want to ensure that our consumers’ safety is paramount. If you own a punching bag that looks like the below image, then your product is included within the recall.


4. Who is Spartan? I thought I bought a Spalding Product.
Spartan is an Australian company who licenses the Spalding brand in Australia for punching bags. It is responsible for the manufacture and sale of the punching bags in Australia.

5. When were the products in question on the market?
The punching bags in question were first produced and delivered into stores in 2009 and were last delivered into stores on October 2012. They would have been available for purchase until sold out, the date of which we cannot ascertain. From October 2012, no further punching bags have been produced or distributed for sale in Australia.

6. What are my options?
Please download the Product Recall Form and submit this with a photo of your product.

You can email this to:

[email protected]

Upon receipt of your documentation, you will be issued with a recall ID and instructions for returning your item.

Once receipt of your product has been confirmed you will receive a voucher to the retail value of your product.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please call our designated Consumer Hotline – 1300 654 766. However please be aware that we are dealing with a large number of enquiries at this time, so you may be required to leave a message for our Customer Service Team.

7. I am disgusted by the images I have seen regarding what is potentially contained in the bags.
We are equally disgusted and appalled by what has been uncovered. We are currently investigating the authenticity of the product and its origins. However, we are not going to wait for the results of this, because our company will not accept anything that is potentially unsafe for consumers. We are recalling this product nationally and immediately and we are taking action against Spartan who are the company which manufacture and sell this product in Australia.

8. I have been using this bag for years. What happens if I keep it?
We are working with the ACCC on a national recall of the punching bags that Spartan manufactured and sold in Australia. Our recommendation is that consumers return the bags to us directly or dispose of them.