How to Choose the Right Basketball Backboard Dimensions

We realise that making a choice in the proper equipment can be a bit confusing. At Spalding, we know that the wrong setup can be detrimental to progress, and as such we’ve created an easy way for all ballers to make their decision. There are a number of things to consider when figuring out which would be best for your situation.


  • Portable

    Portable Systems can be moved for convenience of storage.

  • In-ground

    In Ground systems remain stationary for maximum stability

  • Wall Mounted

    Combo's consist of a backboard and rim. They can be mounted to either a 3.5" diameter pole, flat surface or roof via a mounting bracket (sold separately)

Keep in mind that it’s not ALL about dimensions

Of course, the basketball backboard size is a main contributing factor, but there’s a lot more to think about. Do you need something you can move around easily? Go for one of the products in our portable range. Maybe you’re looking for a smaller size for the kids, in which case we’d recommend one of the youth/kids options we have available. We’ve even got mini solutions for those looking to bring the game inside (without causing excess damage).

Take advantage of our guide below to give you an idea of the different pros and cons of the various backboard materials, as well as the price range you’re looking to fall within. It’s straightforward, and will arm you with everything you need to make an informed decision.

A backboard setup is nothing without the player and right ball size

It’s a pretty simple formula; each of the three elements needs the others in order to create basketball harmony. Without the player, the ball remains untouched and unable to connect with the ring or board. Remove the ball, and you’ve got a player with no method of communication to the ring. Each must be present to form this unique bond.

Spalding has the solution. Spalding has the biggest range of basketballs available, in many different design and size options. After organising which backboard dimension and setup is best, and choosing the right ball, the only thing that’s missing in this equation is you and your deep-seeded passion for the game. Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll even deduct $10 from your first order.

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