SPALDING® Launches Momentous EZ Assembly Basketball Hoop that installs in under 30 minutes

Spalding® is excited to announce the launch of the Momentous™ EZ Assembly™ basketball hoop, a new portable hoop innovation that can be assembled in under 30 minutes.  With most portable hoops requiring 3-5 hours of installation time, the Spalding® Momentous™ EZ Assembly™ was designed to bring more people to basketball by increasing the accessibility of a high-performance hoop through a 30-minute-or-less assembly process.

The Spalding® Momentous™ has reinvented the assembly process and experience.  The Spalding® team successfully executed the product development of the Momentous™ EZ Assembly™ basketball hoop utilizing consumer insights and a combination of collaborative engineering, proprietary design, and comprehensive digital content that includes a step-by-step assembly tutorial video.

“The basketball hoop assembly process needed to be easier and more enjoyable – that was made clear to us through analyzing reviews throughout the category and from focus groups of athletes, parents, and coaches,” said Ben Simms, Global Marketing Manager for Spalding®. “Our challenge was creating a mostly pre-assembled hoop, without increasing price or packaging size, or losing quality/stability, in an effort to produce a fast-to-assemble product. We accomplished all the above with the Momentous™ EZ Assembly™. It’s our strongest built portable in its class, easiest to assemble, and the packaging can fit into most vehicles and ship via ground transportation for e-commerce.”

The new Basketball System stacks up in quality and performance. MomentousTM EZ AssemblyTM hoops feature either a 50” or 54” steel framed acrylic board, 2.4-3m Infinite Adjust Elevator Lift System, a 163 litre capacity base for superior stability, and an Arena Slam® Breakaway Rim. The premium Momentous™ features a clear-view backboard – a first for portable basketball hoops.

“We named the hoop Momentous™ because it will have a significant impact on the future of basketball,” said Ron White, Sr. Director of Spalding® Global Basketball Systems. “Spalding has a 150-year history of continuous innovation to grow the game. Disrupting the basketball hoop category – a category we lead globally – is in our DNA.”

Spalding’s MomentousTM EZ AssemblyTM is available in various models, ranging in price from $799.99. The product has just launched on