52 Inch NBA Acrylic Combo

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Orders are sent Australia wide via Startrack at a rate determined by the weight and destination by either express or Tailgate service.

  • Systems and backboards under 20kg will be sent by Startracks express road service.
  • Systems and backboards over 20kg will be palletised and will require access for a pallet jack to make the delivery. 
  • You will be contacted before delivery is to be made to ensure you are home. If you are not home Startrack has permission to leave the item ONLY if it can be left out of sight in a safe place.

Please note: 54" Street System, 72 Inch and 60 Inch In-Ground systems are not available for delivery in all areas. Please contact customer service for a shipping quote for all other areas.

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Get your game on with the 52" NBA Acrylic Basketball Backboard Combo. Featuring a durable acrylic backboard for better rebound performance and a heavy-duty steel frame designed to withstand serious competitive play. Built to perform in all-weather conditions this durable basketball hoop ticks all the boxes when yard space is at a premium.

  • Acrylic Backboard (for better rebound performance)
  • Heavy-Duty steel frame
  • Pro Slam™ Breakaway Rim
  • NBA endorsed
  • Comes with Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Includes FREE Basketball

52” Acrylic Backboard:

The 52” acrylic backboard looks and plays truer to glass, giving better overall rebound performance and withstanding competitive play, game after game

Solid Steel Frame

Steel frame and authentic style board pads provide the backboard with maximum stability

Pro-Slam rim

This solid steel breakaway rim gives you the power to dunk like the pros. It's spring-loaded for a smooth breakaway and comes with an all-weather net

Mounting Bracket

System can be mounted to a 3.5" pole, roof or flat surface with the included Universal Mounting Bracket


More Information
SKU AA79307
System Type Backboard Combo
Backboard Size 52 Inch (132x81cm)
Backboard Material Acrylic
Rim Pro Slam™
Assembly time Approx. 2 hours


If you need assistance installing your new Spalding Basketball System or would prefer a professional to do this for you then we recommend using our Official 3rd party supplier - Diverse Group.

Please note: Assembly charges and a call-out fee apply.


Service type: Portable System Installation (only)
Service Area: Australia - All States
Tel No: 1300 076 789


Product Usage Guidelines

This equipment is intended for home recreational use only and NOT excessive competitive play. This product is not intended for institutional or commercial use; Spalding does not assume any liability for such use. Institutional or commercial use will void the warranty.

Safety Instructions

Failure to follow these safety instructions may result in serious injury or property damage and will void the warranty.

The owner must ensure that all players know and follow these rules for the safe operation of the system. To ensure safety, do not attempt to assemble this system without following the instructions carefully.  Check entire box and inside all packing material for parts and/or additional instruction material. Before beginning assembly, read the instructions and identify parts using the hardware identifier and parts list in this document. proper and complete assembly, use, and supervision are essential for proper operation and to reduce the risk of accident or injury. A high probability of serious injury exists if this system is not installed, maintained, and operated properly.

User Manual

Download the user manual for the 52 Inch NBA Acrylic Combo system.

What do I fill the base with?

We recommend filling the base with either sand or water and please refer to your owner’s manual for the proper amount to be used with your system.

How do I find the model number of my Spalding Basketball System?
In-ground – There is a three digit number on the front of the backboard, near the lower right section of the shooting square. This set of numbers will help identify your system.
Portable – The model number will consist of two sets of numbers. The first set of numbers will be a two-digit number located on the base. This two-digit number will be located near the fill hole where you put the water or sand. The second set of numbers will be a three-digit number located on the front of the backboard, to the right of the rim. The base number coupled with the backboard number will be your model number. “Example 72_351 – 72351”
Why doesn’t my rim sit flush with my glass backboard?

Our tempered glass backboards come with steel spacers and a foam pad and these are used to separate the rim from the glass backboard and prevent the backboard from shattering. You should have 1/8 to ¼ inch gap between the backboard and rim when properly installed.  These components must be in position BEFORE attaching the yokes and assembling the rim.  If the spacers are not in place, the board can be prone to shattering given it is a glass backboard.  Please do not overtighten the bolts, as this can also lead to the board shattering upon installation.
Can I convert my portable system to In-Ground?

Some portables can be converted to an in-ground system depending on the mounting of the backboard. This would require purchasing an in-ground pole system. This is because in-ground systems and portable systems use different pole kits. The only parts you would use from the portable system would be the rim and backboard. To find out if your system can be converted, please call 1800 632 792 (Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 pm AEST) with your model number and a representative will assist you.
Can I convert my In-Ground system into a Portable?
No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert an in-ground system into a portable.
How do I take the pole apart?

Our poles are designed to stay together permanently once assembled.
If my system develops rust, what should I do?

Check your pole system regularly for signs of corrosion (rust, pitting, chipping) and repaint with exterior enamel paint. If rust has penetrated through the steel anywhere, or if you have any questions about whether that has happened, do not use the system anymore. Contact us immediately for instructions.
Does the sand have to go inside the base, or can I just put weight on top of the base?

The sand will have to go inside your base. Adding weight to the top can crush or crack the base causing the system to become unstable.
Can Spalding organise installation?

Spalding does not provide installation, we do offer this service via our partner Hunter Leisure for Portable System assembly only (excludes In-Ground Systems & Backboard Rim Combo installations) contact Ph: 1800 632 792 (Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 pm AEST) to make your installation booking. Please note that labour charges, call-out fee & related expenses for the removal, installation or replacement of the basketball system or its components are not covered by the Spalding Warranty.
Is it ok to fabricate anything on or to my system?

Any fabrication or modification to your system will void your limited warranty.
Do I have to use the ground sleeve for my In-Ground system?
In order to install your system properly, you will need to utilise all of the parts provided and follow all the steps in your owner’s manual.
Can I get express shipping on a Basketball System?
Due to the size of the item and the freight service required to deliver it, we cannot express ship basketball system orders.
How can I prevent my portable basketball system from being blown over?
  1. Check system before each use for instability.

  2. Ensure your unit is kept on a flat hard surface and after assembly is completely fill the base with the required amount of material stipulated in your user manual.
  3. Frequently check to ensure the base is full of water or sand.  As water evaporates therefore particularly in warmer climates and/or Summer months your base will require monitoring more often than other periods of the year to ensure it is full to maintain the best stability of your unit.

  4. Do not use your system during windy and/or severe weather conditions; as the system may tip over.  If you are expecting inclement weather, safely place your system in the storage position, which should be carried out by two capable adults and/or placed in an area protected from the wind and free from personal property and/or overhead wires.

  5. Never leave your system in an upright position without filling the base with the required amount of sand or water, as the system may tip over causing damages to parts and/or injuries.

  6. Additionally, where possible avoid it being on grass, as it is not as stable and can be prone to bringing on rust/corrosion in time due to the dampness of that material.

  7. The surface beneath the base of your system must be smooth and free of gravel or other sharp objects. Punctures may cause leakage and could cause your system to tip over.

  8. Use caution when moving system across uneven or sloped surfaces; as the system may tip over more easily.
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